Exclusive Licenses with Unlimited Usage

We offer simple flat-rate pricing on a per song basis. Our licenses are no gimmick so that you can feel comfortable buying your music.

$300 Per Song

  • Unlimited Usage
  • Only 7 downloads
  • Available for all marketing mediums
  • Immediate download
  • Manageable File Size

Custom Music/Song

  • Original Composition
  • TV, Jingles, Radio, Digital, Social, Movies
  • Studio Musicians & Producer
  • Original Lyrics
  • Only for You.

Benefits of working with MX and having an MX license:

Limited Downloads

Only 7 people in the world have the rights to your stock music. The MX7 gives your project that extra special punch your marketing needs.

Real Musicians

This isn’t a hobby. It’s our passion and reason why we’re here. Our music is produced by experienced, trusted professional and full-time musicians.

Studio Produced

Blinking lights, buttons and knobs. They all mean something important in a real music studio. Our production value is state of the art.

Copyright Clear

Copyright laws are never fun. We’ve created straight-forward agreements that give you the copyrights you need.

Flat Rate Pricing

It’s $300 per song. That’s it. No hidden fees.

Passionate Customization

We write songs. We create music. If you need something specific and special for your song, we would love the opportunity to wow you. Contact us directly. Speak to a person for a customized quote.

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