The Intersection of Music & Marketing

Professional musicians and marketers coming together to deliver a new kind of stock music experience.

Original Music and the MX7 Promise

After 7 downloads, your song is retired and nobody else can buy it. Making your market project more original.

Human Music

We work with a group of talented musicians and producers that create quality music exclusively for our library. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Limited Distribution

You don’t want your stock song to be in every video. That’s awkward. The MX7 promise is that your song will be retired after 7 downloads.

Our Value

Musicians & Marketers own this company. We speak both your languages and we bring these two worlds together.

The Song You Need is Right Here

Browse all you want. But select soon. After 7 downloads, these songs will be gone. Our musicians are creating weekly, so check back often.

The MX7 Difference

The Music X-Change creates original music. You create marketing. Having an original song is expensive, so we “split the difference” and give you an affordable song with only 7 downloads.

All Marketing Mediums

Radio, TV, Social, Digital and Video. Marketing with music increases retention. We keep the licensing simple. You can use our music for any marketing medium today.

We Don’t Take Just Anyone

We hand select our musicians. We don’t take just any song or any music. Our team of music pros are creators. They’re writers and genuine artists.

News & Updates

Get the latest news, updates, and releases from Music XChange.

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