Our Story

We could totally write a song about how we got started.

Our Story

When new friends are made, the sheet music is a blank piece of paper. And our story starts there. A professional marketer met a professional musician. Together they’ve built a passionate group of employees dedicated to bringing the artistic world of music and creative world of marketing together. Live from Austin, Texas.

Two Friends With A Vision

Marketing needs music. Stock music can be bland. Customized music can be expensive. You can pick a music bed and see your song with someone else’s project. It happens. The MX owners saw a need in the marketplace to provide original music with limited distribution at a reasonable price.

The Music XChange Way

Browse your music. Make your selection. Download your song. After 7 downloads, the song is gone. Retired. Don’t worry, we’ll make more original songs from our hand-selected group of professional musicians who are worldwide.

Our Mission

We make a difference by offering something new for marketers while creating an avenue for musicians to continue to do what they love to do. We’re here to help you succeed while protecting the integrity, compensation and goals of all.

Our Values

These are our guiding values.

Quality music above all else.

We refuse to just crank out high-volume music beds. We’re adding to our library with musicians worldwide, but only with those meeting our standards. The result is quality, original music.

Original marketing.

Your goal is to have original marketing. Our goal is to help you do just that. With limited distribution stock music and all original customized projects.

Connect musicians and marketers.

We’re a growing marketplace. Our job is to connect global professional marketers with global professional musicians.

Support pro musicians.

Musicians create art. But finding a marketplace for that art isn’t always that easy. We’re here to help you to continue to make a living doing what you love to do.

Simple and trusted licensing.

We’ve taken the steps of protecting marketers and musicians and invite you to read our licensing agreements here.

Staying current.

We work too. And part of our job is to stay informed and up to date on the latest trends in marketing, social media, licensing and music.

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